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Ray Taylor Heading to FIU

Aug 17, 2012 -- 11:31pm
By Kelley Bydlon
The Ray Taylor saga seems to finally have come to an end. No, the former FAU point guard did not find a pro team to play for like he originally planned when he declared for the NBA draft last spring. He's actually going back to school, just in Miami.
Florida International University announcing today the addition of the 5'6" ankle-breaking point guard. He will have to sit out the 2012-2013 season due to transfer rules, but he will be eligible to play the following year.
"I'm glad to hear (Taylor) is going back to school. What matters in the end is that he will graduate (college)," said Taylor's former coach Mike Jarvis. The FAU head basketball coach said he had talked to Taylor a couple weeks ago, and that was the first he had heard Taylor was even considering going back to school. 
After a disappointing season last year, Taylor announced in March that he would be leaving school to pursue professional basketball. He went undrafted in June though, and apparently couldn't find the right fit to play internationally.
Taylor will join fellow former Owl Dennis Mavin at FIU. With the Golden Panthers moving to Conference USA, the two won't get a chance to face their former team or coach. Something Jarvis says would have been fun.

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