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Carl Pelini talks about the health of Bo

Sep 19, 2012 -- 10:37am

DEERFIELD - Bo Pelini is OK.

That's according to his brother, FAU head coach Carl Pelini, after the Nebraska head man was taken to the hospital at halftime of Saturday's Cornhusker's win over Arkansas State.

Pelini talked about his older brother's health during Tuesday night's FAU SportsPage at Duffy's on ESPN 760.

“He is doing fine. You know they did some, he had the flu and a lot of times flu symptoms can mimic heart symptoms, so they did an EKG (Electrocardiography) on him at halftime and it was irregular so they brought him to the hospital, the heart unit there ,and they ran a whole battery of tests on him and he turned out to be healthy, which didn’t surprise me. He's a very healthy guy and he takes his health seriously and gets a physical every year , which you gotta to do in coaching. Once I had spoken to the Nebraska people prior to the game, you know, I kinda knew which direction it was going I wasn’t to worried about it Saturday night.”

Listen to Pelini's comments here.

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