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Mario Cristobal firing not impacting FAU

Dec 05, 2012 -- 2:06pm

By Brian Rowitz

FAU and FIU have always been tied together since the two programs began playing football around the same time. They continue to be tied together as they both make the move to Conference USA over in the next few years. When FIU announced that they had fired head coach Mario Cristobal early Wednesday, the subject of how it could affect FAU recruiting came to the forefront, with the two schools so close in terms of the type of player they're seeking, not to mention their close proximity.

FAU Recruiting Coordinator and WR Coach Jeff Sims isn’t that concerned about FIU. “Basically we feel like FAU is a better option than a lot of schools in the country and what happens with coaching decisions at other universities really don’t affect our recruiting. We really feel strongly about what we are doing and we can compare against almost any school in the country with location and opportunity and facilities.”

Sims has been in charge of the Owls’ recruiting since December of last year and just wrapped up his 1st season of coaching with FAU. Sims does still feel anytime a coaching staff is forced to deal with change.

“I’m sorry to hear anytime there is a coaching change because it’s tough for all of us in this profession but when we are talking.” Sims said. “University to University I really believe in my heart of hearts that FAU is one of the best opportunities in the United States right now. “

FIU will move to Conference USA for the 2013 season. FAU will follow in 2014 but reports are out that the move could come as early as 2013.

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