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Ronnie Scott Commits to FAU

Feb 06, 2013 -- 5:14pm

By Brian Rowitz

So much attention on National Signing Day is spent analyzing the young men that commit to 17 different schools throughout their senior year of High School. For some young men though, making a commitment means just that. Tampa-Chamberlin Athlete Ronnie Scott honored the commitment he made to FAU back in August by sending over his LOI to play for the Owls.

“I owe them because I committed to them. It’s something that I learned throughout life that you have to stick to your commitment. One of my coaches has always told me that a man has only two things, his word and his honor” said Scott.

Sticking to that commitment could have become difficult for Scott as Brett Diersen the man responsible for recruiting Scott left for Northern Illinois in January. Despite the change on the coaching staff, Scott stuck to his word and canceled all of his visits to other schools after committing to FAU. Villanova, Stony Brook and FAMU all offered Scott while Western Kentucky also showed him interest.

Scott played both offense and defense his senior year and is expected to play mostly CB and a lot of special teams for the Owls. He still hopes to play on both sides of the ball but “anywhere I can help the team is fine.”

Scott joins DB Reggie Brown (Tampa-Jesuit) as one of two Tampa area signees with the Owls.

Watch Scott's highlights here:


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