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Bobby Mitchell Commits to FAU

Feb 06, 2013 -- 8:30pm

By Brian Rowitz

One of the biggest factors of National Signing Day is the word “trust.” Both coaches and players have to trust that the level of interest from both sides is the same on National Signing Day as it is on the 1st day they meet. For some players that trust has to expand to how they are handled on the field and ultimately where they will be playing for the next four years. Bobby Mitchell of St Augustine will be one of the young men that puts his trust in the hands of the FAU coaching staff.

Mitchell was recruited as a Wide Receiver but has now been asked by the coaches to make the switch over to Safety. Mitchell played Safety his senior year of High School as the team was in the postseason but being on the defensive side of the ball isn’t exactly something that Mitchell is used to.

“Coach Pelini thinks I would be a great Free Safety, so Coach Sims said I am going to come in as a FS in summer workouts. If it takes me long to catch on since I’m kind of new at FS then they can always move me back to Wide Receiver.”

 The coaching staff made sure to get Mitchell comfortable with the Owls secondary as soon as possible as he was hosted by CB D’Joun Smith. Smith who has been on the field for the Owls since his freshman year has been a huge influence on Mitchell already.

“When I was with him [Smith], I was pretty much taking in everything he was saying he was giving me a lot of helpful hints about how I need to stay focused during my first year and be a man about everything. I’m already looking up to him in a way because I learned a lot just on the first weekend I went up there.”

Mitchell plans to be down in Boca for the Owls Spring Game in April.


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