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Tyler Henderson Commits to FAU

Feb 06, 2013 -- 8:51pm

By Brian Rowitz

A little bit of attention goes a long way when it comes to recruiting. The attention paid by the FAU coaching staff to DB Tyler Henderson ultimately brought Henderson to Boca Raton. Henderson committed to the Owls back in August and felt the love immediately.

“From the very start, all the coaches and everyone I talked to automatically made me feel like I was already an Owl before I committed and made me feel like part of the team.”

The Owls weren’t done making Henderson feel at home though. Despite the commitment, Henderson still got the same attention from the Owls’ coaching staff.

“I committed early, and even though I had already committed, Coach Meadows and Coach Rekstis and all of them they made an effort to use their full amount of minutes and talk to me during that time. I don’t think there was a week that went by where I didn’t talk to a coach at least once or twice. That meant a lot to me and that made me realize that they really want me on their team and I should stay committed to them.”

Before committing to FAU, Henderson had interest from Navy, Vanderbilt and Duke but they backed off after he gave his word to FAU. Coaches see Henderson lining up as a Safety and possibly walking down and playing a little Outside Linebacker.

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