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Dustin Bowens Commits to FAU

Feb 06, 2013 -- 10:06pm

By Brian Rowitz

FAU has had its share of successful tightends throughout the years and they are hoping that the latest in that line officially became an Owl today. Dustin Bowens of Flagler Palm Coast put his name on the dotted line today and is headed to Boca Raton. The 6’4 235 TE is looking to be in next in line. Bowens is pretty straight forward on what works for him and how he and the Owl coaches see him being a part of the FAU offense.

“I think the player that I am is somebody that helps in blocking. My run blocking is good and catching the ball of course. I see myself as a threat.”

Bowens dealt with Coach Sims and Coach Jared Allen during his recruiting process.

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There are no games scheduled for today.

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