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Seminole Ridge digging in to find a new head football coach

Jan 08, 2013 -- 4:44pm

By: Ken LaVicka

With the holiday season over and local schools back in session, Seminole Ridge now plans to dig in and find a new head football coach.

With Matt Dickmann leaving for Harrison High in Kennesaw, Ga., athletic director Scott Parks intends on quickly finding a replacement for the only coach the school has ever known.

"We’re looking for a candidate who is going to continue the same culture that Coach Dickmann instilled here," said Parks Tuesday afternoon.

"We went 8 years with no player ejections, no coach ejections from a game. We’re really complimented for our sportsmanship, so we’re looking for someone who’s going to continue that type of culture in our program."

Parks is hoping to begin interviews as soon as possible. On the FHSAA Classifieds site, the deadline for resumes to be sent to Seminole Ridge is listed as this Friday.

"We’re hoping to move pretty quickly. We’re going to possibly even start interviews next week. We’re moving quickly. We’re going to sort through resumes.

Multiple assistant coaches from Dickmann's staff have expressed interest in the job and Parks doesn't appear to be thrilled with the idea of seriously considering candidates from outside of the state.

"Most likely within Florida," answered Parks, when asked where he'd prefer his new coach to come from. "It might be a crapshoot for an out-of-state person unless it’s somebody with a well-known reputation or coming highly-recommended. It’s hard to tell on somebody from out-of-state."

Dickmann built Seminole Ridge into one of the most successful Palm Beach County programs of the past decade, winning three district titles and leading the Hawks to two trips to the regional finals. Seminole Ridge developed an identity as a tough run-first, defense-heavy unit under Dickmann, but Parks isn't married to that type of approach from his new coach.

"I think we’d be open to different styles. I don’t think that’s going to be the clincher, whether it’s someone who runs the 'Wing-T' like we did or anything like that. I think it’s quality of record and having the discipline and caring for the kids like Matt did."

Seminole Ridge claimed a district title and advanced to the 8A regional finals before losing to Broward County's Cypress Bay this past season.

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